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Minds2CREATE Research Team:

Mathematical Modeling and Control of Renewable Energies for the Advance in the Technology and Education Department: INEL/ICOM

Departments: INEL/ICOM

Brief Description: Minds2CREATE Research Team is a research group in the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computers (ECE) at the University of Puerto Rico-Mayagüez Campus and it is led by Dr. Eduardo I. Ortiz-Rivera. Our research group is responsible for the development of technologies for applications in renewable energy, electric vehicles, intelligent green buildings among others. We also work applications for non-traditional systems such as energy security, Cube-Sat satellites, robotics, autonomous systems, etc. Our research areas range from control systems, power electronics, robotics, renewable energy systems, aerospace, engineering education, among others. The research model is based on the Socratic system for the development of critical thinking in the research work of students as it is practiced in prestigious academic institutions. Compliant with our philosophy, the professor, aided by a team of graduate students, serve as a facilitator and mentor for the development of the undergraduate and mutual benefit of the Minds2CREATE research group. With the mission of generating professionals of excellence who will go to industry and / or graduate studies for the benefit of the society and prestige of our institution. Several of the members of the Minds2CREATE research group have received awards and achieved things like getting articles published in the IEEE, obtaining prestigious scholarships (e.g., NSF-GRFP, GEM, DoE), doctoral acceptance in prestigious institutions, and an excellent The Alumni Minds2CREATE Research Team where past members help current member. Similarly, many of the students who have been part of the Minds2CREATE Research Team as undergraduates nowadays are pursuing their master's or doctorate degree under the supervision of Dr. Ortiz-Rivera with the interest of exploring and expanding their knowledge. At present Dr. Eduardo I. Ortiz-Rivera has mentored more than 100 undergraduate students from various engineering and science disciplines where many of them have managed to publish articles refereed to the IEEE. He has mentored at least 15 graduate students who have been part of the Minds2CREATE Research Team.

Requirements: Interest in the areas of renewable energy, nonlinear control, robotics, history, etc.

Major: Any major related to Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) areas.

GPA: +3.00/4.00 (lower GPA's could be considered depending the student' skills)

Skills: Destrezas para trabajar en equipo, flexibilidad, interés en las áreas antes descritas, y ganas de trabajar.

Course: Any academic level (i.e. freshman, sophomore, junior, senior, graduate)

Other: Interest to work in new technical fields